What is a countrypreneur?

  • BuyByCountry will have countrypreneurs in every country – in some cases more than one per country

What are the functions of countrypreneurs?

  1. To certify that all companies and products listed are genuinely from that specific country and they comply with BuyByCountry standards and code of conduct.
  2. To collect orders from Companies that do not ship to specific countries and ship those orders to our contrypreneur in the destination country, who will deliver the goods to the Purchaser.            Example: Amazon did not deliver products to South Africa during the Postal   Service strikes, where goods were destroyed, stolen or set on fire.
  3. To source relatively unknown Traditional Products and Products from Micro Companies – such as food, beverages, arts and crafts
  4. Countrypreneurs should be ideally an e-commerce warehousing and fulfillment and product-sourcing companies.